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This release is a first milestone of TomEE 10, aimed at JakartaEE 10. Thanks to everyone who contributed code to make this happen.

We would like to highlight and give a shout-out to all our volunteers who have been doing the hard work for EE10, which is also being done in all our upstream dependencies such as Tomcat, OWB, CXF, MyFaces, etc.

Please note the 10.0.0-M1 release is a milestone release intended for evaluation purposes and should not be used in production.

Dependency upgrade

New Feature

  • TOMEE-4268 Create MicroProfile OpenAPI Reader exemple

  • TOMEE-4281 Improve logging when failing to load a class


  • TOMEE-4222 @LoginToContinue JSR-375 (JavaEE Security API) causes IllegalArgumentException

  • TOMEE-4267 MicroProfile Metrics JMX Registrar must be initialized once

  • TOMEE-4225 Remove commons-net from TomEE distribution

  • TOMEE-4226 DataSource definition fails when @DataSourceDefinition doesn’t define url property

  • TOMEE-4192 ApplicationComposers do not clear GC references on release

  • TOMEE-4199 jakartaee-api with tomcat classifier has too much in it

  • TOMEE-4294 TomEE doesn’t start in tomee-embedded-maven-plugin when mp-common is present

  • TOMEE-4295 tomee-embedded-maven-plugin does not register microprofile endpoints


  • TOMEE-4269 Enable SLF4J 2.x webapps to include bindings in their WEB-INF/lib

  • TOMEE-4286 Namespace error when processing web-fragment.xml

  • TOMEE-4200 Use ActiveMQ client jakarta instead of shading it in TomEE


  • TOMEE-4261 Upgrade to Jakarta EE 10 APIs + OWB-4

  • TOMEE-4314 Fix docker-compose.yml to build TomEE

  • TOMEE-4284 Implement property over


  • TOMEE-4190 RunWithApplicationComposer should support inheritance

Fixed Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)