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This is an example on how to use microprofile config in TomEE.

Run the application:

mvn clean install tomee:run


Within the application there are three ways to inject values using config

1 . For the ConfigProperty with default value call:

GET http://localhost:8080/mp-config-example/sample/defaultProperty

2 . For the get property inject with ConfigProperty call:

GET http://localhost:8080/mp-config-example/sample/injectedJavaVersion

3 . For the get property from Config with getValue call:

GET http://localhost:8080/mp-config-example/sample/javaVersion

Config Feature

MicroProfile Config is a solution to externalise configuration from microservices. Each individual property can be injected directly

@ConfigProperty(name = "java.runtime.version")
private String javaVersion;

You can also set a default value for it, in case the config does not match the property in the context it will use the default value

@ConfigProperty(name = "defaultProperty", defaultValue = "ALOHA")
private String defaultProperty;

The config object can also be injected. Then use the getValue() method to retrieve the individual property.

private Config config;

public String getJavaVersionPropertyFromSystemProperties() {
    return config.getValue("java.runtime.version", String.class);