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This is an example on how to use MicroProfile JWT in TomEE by using the public key as JWKs.

Run the application:

mvn clean install tomee:run

This example is a CRUD application for products available.

Requirments and configuration

For usage of MicroProfile JWT we have to change the following to our project:

  1. Add the dependency to our pom.xml file:

  2. Annotate our Application.class with @LoginConfig(authMethod = "MP-JWT")

  3. Provide public key for validation of the JWT. And specify the location of the public key and the issuer in our file. The public key is then used for verification of the signature in the JWT.

  4. Define @RolesAllowed() on the endpoints we want to protect.

About the application architecture

The application enables us to manipulate and view products with specific users. We have two users Alice Wonder and John Doe. They can read, create, edit and delete specific entries.


  "iss": "",
  "sub": "24400320",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "upn": "",
  "preferred_username": "john",
  "groups": [
    "guest", "admin"

Access the endpoints with JWT token

We access endpoints from our test class by creating a JWT with the help of our TokenUtils.generateJWTString(String jsonResource, String keyId) which signs our user data in json format with the help of our src/test/resources/{keyId} private key.

We can also generate new privateKey.pem and publicKey.pem with the GenerateKeyUtils.generateKeyPair(String keyAlgorithm, int keySize) method which then creates the publicKey.pem also in JWK format.